Download Battery Level App for Google Glass

Battery Level is an extremely simple application for Google Glass that does nothing else than showing you the battery level of your device with just a voice command.

The app only works with the voice command “Ok Glass, battery level” and it shows you a card with your Glass’ battery level. That’s all.

Unfortunately Battery Level has to be sideloaded on Glass, so you have to follow our guide here to learn how to do it. If you’ve sideloaded apps on your Glass before, then the process is really simple and it only takes a few seconds. Otherwise you will need a few minutes to set up the Android drivers and ADB, but it’s a simple process and our tutorial explains every step.

Once you sideload Battery Level on your device, give it a try by using the aforementioned voice command.

The app is open source and is licensed under APL 2.0 (Apache License). If you want to learn more about the Battery Level app, view its source code or contact the developer, you can do so on .