Download DriveSafe App for Google Glass

Google Glass app lovers, we have another good one for you coming! It is called DriveSafe and how you can already imagine,  this app will try to make your journeys a lot more safer or just safer. Why we are saying this? It’s simple, this app will not allow you to fall asleep while driving your car.

We tried the app and we can say it works without a glitch  therefore we strongly recommend it. That’s if you’re not from England. By now you should already know that driving while wearing Glass is illegal there.

Don’t mind the app warning you it can not guarantee keeping you awake , it was expected and natural for software creators to make you aware of some limitations and make sure you were shown some terms of use.

Those things beeing left to rest, the app will detect your head movements and will display a warining message on the prism, and also guides you to the nearest rest area. If things get worse and your head gets even more tilted , an audio alarm kicks in and wakes you up in no time.

We can only say: “well done DriveSave!” as it represents a break and a wonderful alternative from all that criticism Glass has faced since its release when it comes to using it while driving.

We can do nothing than congratulate these kind of developers that put Glass in a good light and try to improve people’s lives and safety. And that is exactly what Glass needs to appeal to the mass public, top-notch apps!