Download Evernote App for Google Glass

You all know Evernote right? If you don’t now it’s high time to give it some of your attention. Evernote is an app that works both on your desktop and your smartphone, also available for free that virtually gathers everything you can think you must do and probably forget. For instance you can store receipts, news pieces, groceries lists, boarding passes or simple text notes. The golden features of this app are its ease of use, clean interface and smooth running. You can also  sync all this data with your computer or smartphone, phablet or tablet. Believe me using Evernote make your life much easier.

Those being said a dedicated app for Google Glass was the next logical step from its creators. This glassware makes you able to send photos directly to your Evernote account or notes from your account to Glass so that they are positioned right in front of your eyes exactly when you need them.

Either you are a experienced user of this app or just want to give it a try with Glass, go ahead and install it and return with a review! Enjoy!