Download Glasquare (Foursquare) App for Google Glass

Glasquare is the first unofficial Foursquare app for Google Glass. It allows you to check in, find the best venues or search for venues. It’s a pretty simple app, as you’d expect from a Google Glass one, but it comes with great features, that make it easy to use.

The unofficial Foursquare app works really easy, as we’ve already told you and it comes with three voice commands. You can also add photos and comments to your check-ins, find the 10 best venues around you, view directions to a specific venue or read its tips.

The voice commands for Glasquare are:

  • Check me in – this check you in to the venue you are at and you can add photos and comments to your check-in.
  • Show best venues – this command will show you the 10 best venues around you.
  • Search venues for – Just as you’d imagine, this voice command allows you to search for venues.

In order to install Glasquare, you will have to sideload it. It’s not very complicated, but you have to setup your computer first in order to do that. Fortunately, we’ve written a guide recently on how to sideload apps on your Google Glass. You can read the guide here.

If you want to find out more information about Glasquare or contact the developer, you can do so on .

Glasquare was developed by David Vavra and is not related to Foursquare in any way. It’s also open source and you can download its source code from GitHub .