Download GlassBattle Brain & Puzzl for Google Glass


We all know that Google Glass apps that can be used on the lock screen are not a new thing. We’ve seen how Tesla Model S app and The New York Time perform on Glass without a glitch. Since then many of us wondered how would a game look like on the Glass lock screen. You don’t have to wait any longer, to see how it will look like at least… GlassBlattle is a new turn based game currently under development for Glass that makes use of voice commands and the wearable Mirror API.

The only down side is that it won’t be available for consumers until the API quota limitation for developer Brick Simple is no longer in place. We can not stop imagining though how we could walk on the street, pay our bills or read a paper and play a game in the same time.  Hopefully it won’t take long before a download link will surface on the bottom of this page. Stay tuned!