Download GlassMusic App for Google Glass

GlassMusic allows you to listen to music directly on Google Glass. It’s a simple app that’s working exactly how it should and also really easy to use. GlassMusic allows you to search for songs by the song name, artist and album.

The app is built using GDK and you should install it from your computer, because it’s not a Glassware built with Mirror API.

In order to install GlassMusic, you have to download the APK on your computer and follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> Device Info on your Google Glass
  2. Turn on Debug
  3. Install ADB
  4. Open terminal and navigate to the folder where you downloaded GlassMusic.apk
  5. Run the following command: “adb install GlassMusic.apk”

In order to use the app, you can use the following command “Ok Glass, play a song”. Then you will have to tell Glass the name of the song, artist, or album.

GlassMusic is really simple and doesn’t come with any other features, which also makes it really lightweight. But you should note that listening to music on Google Glass can drain battery pretty fast, so don’t use it if you are going to need Glass for a long time.

GlassMusic has been developed by Eduardo González, a Telecommunications Engineering graduate and you can visit his website here.