Download Insight App for Google Glass

Insight for Google Glass is a different kind of app and I bet you haven’t seen something similar until now. It works like a social network, but you can’t find profiles online. Instead you have to scan a QR code on their shirt in order to get information about them.

You can sign-up for Insight in order to setup your profile and get your QR code. In the future they also start shipping shirts with your QR codes.

In order to install Insight, you will have to download the APK by following the button below. Then you can launch it with the voice command “Ok Glass, launch Insight.” Once you’ve launched the app, you have to look at the QR code on people’s shirts in order to  get information about them.

Insight is really something new, but we have to see if it gains traction. It could probably be used mostly in groups and at parties, where people already know eachother, so there’s no need for such social network. But the idea is new and we want to give it a try.