Download JewGlass App for Google Glass

Rusty Brick has quite a long history of making Jewish folks lives easier with the use of various iOS and Android based apps. It came as no surprise to us when they decided to step up like any visionary developer team and create for Google Glass also. Based on the idea that Glass is the next big thing in terms of wearable technology the developers behind RustyBrick team have decided to change how Jews who own Glass perceive Judaism.

This Google Glass app works by pushing various data that is contextual and relevant to your location directly in fort of your eyes to remind you regarding prayer deadlines or find nearby koshers. The app also has a educational aspect as it informs the user what he/she can say nor no while in church during different prayers or Shabbat. Impressed? You shouldn’t be as these skilled developers promise it’s only the beginning.

Give this app a try and see how it helps you with prayers and spiritual life.