Download LynxFit App for Google Glass

Today we present you an app that probably most of you Glass owners were expecting for a while now. Yeah, you guessed it, it’s a fitness and training app. And a well researched one too, not just some information gathered from all the obscure corners of the internet and thrown on a Google Glass card.

LynxFit is an app created by The Byte an Atom Research Team that can help you not just with tracking your work but actually with staying on track also. Tha app lets you choose from different kinds of training types or why not premium ones. After you subscribe Lynx will do its best to mix all up and offer you a routine you can follow with ease.

An option to schedule your workout sessions depending to location as well as time is also available. For example you can set a routine to run for a couple of times, each time you arrive at a certain location.

Workout then review data stored from your former sessions. Lynx makes use of Glass’s sensors to gather information and help you achieve your goals easier and faster.  Good news if you like sharing your progress with your acquaintances or close ones also…It’s all possible with LynxFit.