Download Moment Camera App for Google Glass

Moment Camera for Google Glass is a really neat app that takes photos automatically when it thinks it could capture something for you. The app uses Glass’ sensors to figure out when an interesting photo could be captured and takes the photo right away. You really don’t have to do anything.

The Moment Camera app runs in the background and when you plug in Google Glass is will upload the photos to Moment where an album will be created automatically. Once the album is ready, you will receive an email with your photo album.

If you’re unsatisfied with Moment, you can offer it feedback and it will get smarter, so it will be able to take better photos in the future. You must give it a try to understand what we are talking about. This app is one great example of artificial intelligence, combined with Google Glass’ sensors. You might be amazed of the photos it can take, but it needs time to adjust.

Unfortunately Moment Camera has to be sideloaded on Google Glass and this can be a bit tricky, but we do have a guide for this. Once you register on the Moment Camera website and download the app, follow our tutorial here to sideload it.