Download Quotes App for Google Glass

I don’t think there are folks who enjoy surfing and working online who have not read a quote and related to it until now. Here is where kicks in. If you happen to also own a Google Glass device and would like to take a break and motivate yourself or why not the people who are around you, a recently released glassware will help you with just that.

Form doctors, internet marketers, media workers, tutors, teachers or students to just ordinary hard working people, we are all looking for good  inspiration and motivation to carry on with our daily tasks and routine.

Quotes are small pieces of brilliant mind electric creation that many folk turn to when feeling down or just lack the necessary inner motivation.

This app contains no less than 64.000 quotes from more than 9000 famous authors like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Seneca, Homer, JFK , Oscar Wilde and so on.

Download the app and leave a comment with your favorite quote below