Download The Game Game for Google Glass

The Game Google Glass

is a beautiful new addition the the Google Glass games portofolio. In our opinion is the best and most complex game designed from scratch for Glass so far. The idea behind this particular app can be seen here  Season 5, Episode 6 of Star Trek, The Next Generation.   (Ktarian Game). 

Like you would imagine a complex gameplay is not something to expect from a game designed for Google Glass at this point. But as we stated before Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s creation is one of the best of its kind we’ve seen so far. We can do nothing but thank this developer for putting so much time and effort in such a project.

To play the game tilt your head to fly disks, and land them in the proper sites. Don’t forget to pin this Google Glass game to have fun anytime.

Bottom line, give it a try and tell us how addicted to it you’ve become.