Download Wearable Widgets App for Google Glass

The most effective way to connect your Android smartphone’s vast number of apps with Glass is Werable Widgets. The the part is that you do not have to wait for these apps to become available for Glass. Sounds neat, right? Get the app you want in a smaller resolution format.

We all love our Android home screen mainly because we can  personalize it with different widgets all the time. Just imagine how cool it will be to be able to use them on Glass also. Be it weather, connections, feeds, stocks you name it, now you can add them to your Glass device.

Some minor drawbacks:

  • You can not install multiple widgets. The devs are working on this fix though.
  • Not all widgets transited to Glass look as they should (the most obvious example we could think now is Twitter). The devs are said to be also working on a fix.
  • Tapping and swiping on Glass is not that straightforward as you were accustomed to with your smartphone. There is some lag regarding this matter. Hopefully a new Xe update will fix that.