Download Weather Alert App for Google Glass

We were searching for a while now for a decent Google Glass weather app and it seems we may just stumbled upon it. Weather Alert is a way to keep yourself updated regarding imminent severe and nasty weather by streaming you small cards in real time directly to your Glass device.  The graphics are quite nice and each alert contains a map, description of the alert, expiraton as well as the possibility to listen to a full radio like announcement for other details. In case you travel a lot and enter a zone with a bad weather alert be sure this wonderful app will waste no time and alert you.

Another nice aspect is that the app is customizable and lets yu modify and choose the alerts you receive. There are more than 120 different alert types to choose from.

The only down side of the app is that users can only use it for the United States and just unde NOAA coverage, but this should be such a big issue considering that 95% of Glass users are located in the US.