Download WhatsGlass (WhatsApp) App for Google Glass

WhatsGlass is the first app that allows you to receive WhatsApp messages on Google Glass. It doesn’t work exactly like the smartphone WhatsApp application, being just a relay that can transfer messages from your smartphone to your Google Glass.

WhatsGlass can receive text messages, images, video and audio recordings. Every message will be received and grouped in a bundle card.

The app can receive messages from either contacts or groups and it does come with some useful features that allows you to set it up the way you want. From the Glass timeline you can do the following actions: read aloud your message, play the audio recording, play the video, open URLs from messages, delete the card or make a phone call to the contacts you receive a message from.

In order to use the Glassware you also need the WhatsGlass app installed on your smartphone. In order to get the app you will first have to signup as a beta tester on Google Play Store . Then you will be able to install the app from the web Play Store or search for it directly from your smartphone.

The WhatsGlass app for smartphone allows you to setup a blacklist for contacts, enable or disable the app, send a test message to Glass to see if everything is working as it should and enable or disable the media relay that sends images, videos and audio recordings.

Until WhatsApp releases their official app for Glass, you will have to stick with WhatsGlass, because it does a really good job.